Love Space: (A Plan for the Perfect 24 hours)     (1997)

  • Adam Chodzko / Love Space: (A Plan for the Perfect 24 hours)     (1997)
  • Adam Chodzko / Love Space: (A Plan for the Perfect 24 hours)     (1997)
  • Love Space: (A Plan for the Perfect 24 hours)     (1997)

    Slide and audio installation of radio ‘phone in’ hosted by a gardener and a DJ
    Exhibition project in empty shops of the shopping mall Gulden Vlies/Toison d’Or in Brussels.Para-Site 1997 Brussels Curator – Kurt Vanbelleghem


    plant to a nightclub to play it music.

    and music fans phoning about their favourite plants…

    Prix Choc – Etienne de Crecy mixed with a water loop from intro to Swan Song – Can, and windchime, cymbals and birdsong from intro to Flim Flam – Yellow Sox –


    The following is a section of the transcript of the results of a ‘phone-in’ to a professional DJ and a professional gardener . Members of the public were asked to recommend their ideal piece of music for the ‘perfect’ nightclub to the DJ or their ideal plant for the ‘perfect’ garden to the gardener. In turn both experts spoke of  their own personal choices for their respective spaces.

    The dialogues were recorded and then edited to swap the calls made to the DJ with those made to the gardener, and vice versa.

    DJ;        Yes, this is the DJ……… My question is, when you go out clubbing, what is the record that you would really like to hear played?

    Caller; Can it also be a flower? There’s nothing better than a rose,…… but my own preference is for poppies.

    DJ;       It’s still  “Smells like Teen Spirit”?!!

    Caller; I feel that life and death are brought together in the poppy.

    DJ:       But how can you still  be into grunge, …..why?

    Caller: Because you see when you pick it it’s dead,……. when you remove it from nature it just dies.

    DJ;       But nowadays it’s just considered poor taste……..

    Caller; Well, I think the rose symbolises many things…….

    DJ;       But would you really like to dance to that kind of music if you were in a club?

    Caller; I would like to have a garden where everything would be red.

    DJ:       Don’t you find it embarrassing?

    Caller;              I collect roses. I let them dry just before they lose their petals.

    DJ;       ‘Roxanne’, by The Police ?!!

    Caller; The Maple tree?…….. that also sounds exciting,….can you describe what it’s like?

    DJ;       Well, for example,…if I went to a club I would like to hear something by Squarepusher,…… but even more, at the moment, Etienne de Crecy’s ‘Prix Choc’.

    Caller; That is very beautiful,……..but I prefer it when a flower is completely opened up…

    D.J;      Great! But I think we should stop right here…

    Caller; Good-bye.


    D.J.;     Bye.

  • Adam Chodzko / Love Space: (A Plan for the Perfect 24 hours)     (1997)