a loose leaf falls between   (2013)

  • Adam Chodzko / a loose leaf falls between   (2013)
  • a loose leaf falls between   (2013)

    Inks and pencil on paper, board, tape
    36cm x 44.5cm

    a loose leaf falls between shows a page torn apparently from a camera accessory manual indicating, in the form of a diagram, the correct placement of Mask Filter  on a camera. Taped onto a panel from a plastic veneered furniture it suggests its function is as a reference for everyday use, but the representation of the intricacy of the network seems to have prompted some traces of delicate colouring in, following the lines of the webbed structure. Both the filter and the diagram refer to the emic and etic forms of anthropological research as somehow being entangled.
    a loose leaf falls between and its immediately accompanying work Mask Filter are part of Adam Chodzko’s installation Room for Laarni, Image Moderator (2013) which collectively explores the experience of being psychologically overwhelmed by the process of relentlessly viewing imagery flowing between communities and researches this through trying to empathise with the character of Laarni, a remote image moderator for a social media site.   a loose leaf falls between (as with Mask Filter and  I See Through Every Image.  (A souvenir for Laarni; A planting template for Belladonna seeds)), develops the idea of an apparatus that helps to facilitate, for a user, a process of understanding, control and dispersal of the affective power of imagery.

    Room for Laarni, Image Moderator catalogue
    Conversation between Jennifer Higgie, Andrew Renton, Adam Chodzko
    Editor Andrew Renton. Published November,  2013
    Download pdf of catalogue

  • Adam Chodzko / a loose leaf falls between   (2013)